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Why Your Office Chair Needs a Headrest

Think about your typical day: you have breakfast, go through your daily commute, and for most of the day, you slave away at work. Now, think about your posture while you’re doing all of this. Odds are your head is pushed forward a little bit, and the only thing keeping it stable is your neck. It might not seem too much of a hassle now, but imagine the same scenario happening over and over again for the rest of your adult life, where the only time your neck gets a break is when you go to sleep. From this, we can already tell how we're compromising our physiological health little by little, without even knowing it.

So what’s the solution to this problem? More importantly, since we spend most of the day sitting up, how can we make sitting more comfortable? The answer is to invest in an office chair with a headrest. We spend a good chunk of our days on our seats, and we often take quick breaks in between our deliverables which involves us resting our backs and zoning out for a little while. Using a headrest, even if you only use it from time to time, will be huge help in taking the pressure off your neck.

Let’s dive into four reasons why you should invest in an office chair with a headrest.

1. Pain relief

Our days don’t provide a lot of opportunities to take the pressure off of our necks. The strain, pressure, and other negative effects from this will compound over time and result in pain or discomfort. While you can make a case for periods of neck stretching to make sure your muscle fibers are in check, having a headrest will prove invaluable in relieving pain because you can take the weight and pressure of your necks completely.

2. Rest while reclining

We want to be 100% focused on our work 100% of the time, but we all know that this is basically impossible. Our brains can only exert that much effort in bursts, lest you want to get burned out or produce work that’s sub-par. So, it’s natural for us to sit back and recline from time to time to give ourselves some relief. Having a headrest will help here because not only will we eliminate the pressure on our necks, we can also let our bodies relax completely and prepare for the next burst of focused work.

3. Better posture

Headrests aren’t only for quick breaks in between work. You can also utilize them during the entirety of your day by adjusting them in a way that your head naturally rests on it while still being able to focus on what’s in front of you. This gives you the opportunity to correct your posture by eliminating the need to hunch down by curving your back and neck in an unnatural way.

4. More productivity

How can you be productive when you constantly feel discomfort in some parts of your body? Well, you can’t. The nagging feeling will distract you from finishing the important tasks your daily life brings. Instead of fighting through it, we can eliminate the pain and discomfort completely by making sure our bodies are well supported. Prevention is better than a cure, and a headrest can accomplish this by taking care of your neck while you focus on the important things.

Multitasking will only result in subpar work, so it’s important to let things like maintaining good posture and reducing discomfort remain in the background. Investing in an office chair with a headrest will do wonders for both physical and mental health by shouldering all the work in letting your body relax while allowing your mind to focus on the things in front of you.