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7 Types of Office Chairs and What They’re For

Which office chair is right for you?

We all know what office chairs are. But more often than not, when we describe which office chairs we either use or are familiar with, we are picturing different types of office chairs.

Do you know what your office chair is, and what it’s called? And more importantly, is it right for you? Now more than ever, with the current situation of working at home, we need to make sure we're answering our body's needs for the long-term effects of the pandemic. Each office chair has a different design, and that’s because its functionality serves different purposes. Here are 8 office chairs and who they’re perfect for.


Computer chair

computer chair ergoal

Of all office chairs, the computer chair is the most common to have in the workspace. With durable frames, either round or rectangular, they feature thickly padded seats and backs.

What they’re perfect for

Sometimes called the 24 Hour chair, these provide comfort for people who are seated for long periods of time, like 8-hour shifts at a desk job. They offer enough adjustments for prolonged use.


Eames plastic chair

eames plastic chair work

In American industrial design, few chairs have as much renown as the Eames chair. While mostly known for lounge and dining areas, many offices use the Eames plastic chair for work. Stable and static, the four-leg base supports the curved plastic seat with just enough space for the user’s rear end which promotes better posture.

What they’re perfect for

Offices that take aesthetics very seriously may look into using the Eames chair to accent the workspace. It is also ideally used for areas frequently used but for short periods at a time.


Side chair

You can find this type of chair across a receptionist or an executive desk facing to the side. The side chair (hence the name) is most likely used as a waiting area, but many offices equip this type of chair in their cubicles.

What they’re perfect for

Side chairs are stationary, with either a sled or cantilever base. They are spacious and comfortable, but not for long use. They are great for appointments, meetings, and short discussions.


Conference chair

conference chair

The conference chair is quite distinct from others, in that the build is polished but restrictive. Modern, sophisticated, and professional, you will find these at boardrooms of any fast-paced office.

What they’re perfect for

You see these chairs in boardrooms for a reason. Regardless of the material or built-in features, they are all designed to lean forward and offer minimal adjustments; this is to encourage people to stay attentive and upright during discussions.


Drafting chair

drafting chair

Often resembling stools rather than chairs, the drafting chair is taller than your average office seating. Some are stationary, while some have wheels. They are usually paired with drafting tables, standing desks, or counter-height tables. Because of their height, there is a foot ring above the base to support user’s weight.

What they’re perfect for

These are usually used in professions that work on heigh surfaces or tables, like architect firms and the like.


Kneel chair

kneeling chair

Kneel chairs are backless seats with a cushioned kneeler jutting out in front. The seat itself is tilted forward, so that the user’s thighs are at a 60º to 70º angle from the floor, rather than the normal 90º sitting position.

What they’re perfect for

The topic of whether kneeling chairs are better for the workspace is constantly brought up. The posture it sets up for the user is great for reducing lower back strain by shifting the weight forward. But with that being said, this is perfect for short uses or tasks to give your back a rest. The pressure it puts on your kneecaps could do more harm than help.


Ergonomic chair

ergonomic chair ergoal

While ergonomic chairs tend to look different from one another, most are bigger than different types of chairs. You can adjust the seat height like any other, but you can also adjust the knee tilt, seat depth, lumbar support, and recline.

What they’re perfect for

Due to the hefty number of adjustments, they are made to fully support any and all body builds. They provide perfect comfort for the user, even if equipped for more than 8 hours a day.


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