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Avoid back injury while working from home

With the Coronavirus continuing to spread, numerous companies expect their workers to function from home like they would in the office, even though the are missing the office chair, desk, and workplace setting they are used to. Not everyone has an office or dedicated desk that they can use to set up their computer system devices correctly.

So below are some easy actions you can take to optimize your workplace and boost your work day at home. Our top tips:

Work at a desk or table with ample knee/foot clearance to make sure that you can sit/stand close to your laptop computerPlace your laptop computer so that the top of the screen is level with your eye sight.

Always use an ergonomic key-board and computer mouse with your laptop computer. Position the keyboard as well as the mouse directly before you within easy reach.

Place your laptop so that the top of the screen is level with your eye sight. If you do not have a laptop riser, make use of a box data or some books to increase your laptop. Or plug in a different screen if you have one.

Keep an excellent stance; while resting, try to ensure that the your back is sustained, your shoulders are kicked back, not dropped, not raised. Make sure that there is no unwanted pressure on the back of your knees. When standing, maintain your legs, torso, neck and head well aligned and vertical; don't slouch, lean or spin sideways.

When sitting, use an adjustable chair with good lumbar support. Make sure you can adjust it to your body shape, the armrest, neck rest, and height; so that legs and elbows are positioned in perfect angles.

Do not sit for too long. Change your position every couple of minutes and take routine micro-breaks away from your laptop computer.