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Perfect Pairings: Why You Need an Ergonomic Desk to go with your Ergonomic Office Chair

It's typical for Valentine's to think of classic pairings -- things that go together to complement each other's strengths, combine to compound offered benefits, and sync to create a system of advantages in support of a common goal. Because it's characteristic to think of pairings during this time, we find that bringing two things that perfectly complement each other makes two individual items immediately better. This applies to people, to processes, and even to food. And when done right, classic pairings will work for your home office too.

An Ergonomic Workstation

The ergonomic office chair is the logical first investment that people make when thinking of upgrading their makeshift workstation at home, to a comfortable space suited for remote office work. True to our commitment of making ergonomic solutions accessible for work-from-home warriors across the country, Ergoal has come out with a curated set of ergonomic chairs, with the most popular ones being our original chair -- the Ergoal One, and our new flagship offering, the Ergoal Comfort Plus. Both chairs come fitted with the most important features you need to keep working comfortably and back pain-free. They feature the key element of lumbar support, which relieves pressure on your back and will improve seating posture over time.

Still, chiropractors and ergonomics specialists will say that man is not meant to stay in one singular position for an extended period of time. So even with the most comfortable chair in your arsenal, you will still need to incorporate movement in your daily work routine to keep back pain and work-from-home injuries at bay. This is where Ergoal's latest offering, a motorized, height-adjustable desk, comes in handy.

Ergoal VarioTouch

Did you know? Setting the proper desk height for your work-from-home space not only provides much-needed comfort. The right desk with the correct height will help you stay more productive, avoid distractions, and reduce stress. But because people are built differently, there is no single height that is suitable for all workers. Work-from-home employees will greatly benefit from an adjustable desk that can be customized to their height and build. Pro-tip: the right desk height should allow your elbows to rest at a comfortable 90-degree angle.

The Ergoal VarioTouch won't just let you adjust your desk height, it also encourages movement by letting you alternate from a sitting working position to a standing one at just a touch of a button. Early scientific research suggests that a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio for sitting versus standing time results in optimal comfort and energy levels, without affecting productivity while working. This means an hour spent standing for every 1 to 2 hours of work in your home office.

Valentine's Day is not just a time to celebrate pairings (like an Ergoal chair and the Ergoal VarioTouch heigh adjustable desk) -- it's also the perfect time to show love to yourself and even the people around you by giving them the gift of end-to-end wellness. We can offer interested customers a special discount for tandem purchases of both an Ergoal chair and the Ergoal VarioTouch. Message us at to get more details.