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The Benefits of a Reclining Office Chair

Long hours of sitting in our desks has become a staple of the modern day office. We seem to be glued to our seats with the emergence of virtual meetings and the streamlining of workflows eliminating the need to rush around doing the various responsibilities our jobs require from us.

This leads us to the realization that our office chairs play an important role in us getting the most out of our work days. The wrong chair can make you feel uncomfortable all throughout your 8 hours (or more) which hampers your productivity.

There are two major factors to weigh in when choosing an office chair: its surface material and adaptability. You’ll find that traditional office chairs neglect the latter and zero in on the surface material. They generally have sturdy yet rigid designs that force your body to sit in a certain way that’s often unnatural. Thankfully, advancements in technology led to the development of the reclining office chair, which lets you adjust it according to your preference while sporting the same comfortable surface material that puts your body at ease.

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If you can’t immediately recognize the advantages that this type of chair brings, here are 4 to get you up to speed:


1. It gives your back some relief from the office stress

Our backs may become strained after long hours of sitting in an unnatural posture brought about by traditional office chairs. Reclining office chairs solve this by letting you adjust it according to your preference. You may be the type of person that likes to change your sitting position from time to time, or you may have a unique build and find that most chairs were created without your body type in mind, so the reclining feature becomes especially useful.


2. It increases your sitting posture

Research shows that it’s important to change your sitting posture from time to time to avoid injury. Couple that with the fact that we tend to overlook our sitting posture when working because our focus is directed to the laptops in front of us, and it becomes a recipe for disaster. Reclining office chairs solve this by making it easy for you to adjust it right when it comes to mind. You no longer have to be conscious about it because you have the ability to change things up with the pull of a lever.


3. It reduces pressure on your hips

The hard surfaces of traditional office chairs not only strain your back, they also put undue pressure on your hips. Maybe you wouldn’t notice it if you only sit for short periods, but after a few hours you’ll definitely wish you were sitting on something else. On the other hand, reclining office chairs allow you to adjust your sitting position so that you can reduce the pressure and increase the support on your hips and buttocks.


4. It raises your productivity

In order to be productive, you have to be comfortable. You wouldn’t be able to focus or get your creative juices flowing if your back and hips are strained because the nagging feeling will be a distraction. Reclining office chairs allow you to put all your attention to the work you’re doing because it adapts to your preference and maximizes your comfort.


As you can see, these advantages touch on both your health and productivity, allowing you to make the most out of your work day. Clearly, the reclining office chair is a better investment over the traditional options out there.

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