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Top Chiropractor Reveals the Easiest Way to Relieve Back Pain at Work

Over 16 million adults suffer from chronic back pain that doesn’t seem to go away. The worst part is that most cases could have been easily avoided.

This type of pain can take control of your life and take time away from the things that matter. In fact, there are over 3 million years of productive life lost to this stubborn pain each year. 

I’ve been treating people who have developed persistent back pain as a result of their office chair for years, and I’ve seen how it affects the overall quality of my patients’ lives. 

So how could it be avoided? Back pain doesn’t happen. It develops over time due to poor posture, improper lifting, and other unhealthy lifestyle choices. When we’re not careful, these choices can become practices and we end up suffering the painful consequences.

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I’m Dr. Aleksander Chung and I’ve been a chiropractor for over 20 years. Nearly all my patients think there’s no escape from that horrible back pain, but as I tell them, there is a solution…

But first, let’s be clear: since this issue develops over time, it also takes time to treat. People like to turn to quick fixes like pain killers, muscle relaxers, and even narcotics. They can provide some relief, but it’s temporary at best.

Extreme treatment plans like physical therapy or surgery can cost thousands of dollars and even then they don’t guarantee long-lasting relief.

So, I prefer to work at the source of the problem. A lot of us spend significant amounts of time sitting at generic, pain-inducing desk chairs that aren’t made to support healthy posture. That’s why I recommend Ergoal to all my clients. Ergoal provides the number one ergonomic chair on the market.

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  • Auto-adjusting lumbar support - correct your posture and hold your spine in a perfect S-shape which means you avoid spine injury
  • Unique three-parts back with tailored neck-rest, upper-back and lower-back elements - support the full spine and your body gets used to correct posture and that helps you eliminate strain on muscles and ligaments. Over time it can save thousands of dollars on medical bills
  • Three-positions recline lock - helps you lean back and relax frequently so you can concentrate better and be more productive
  • Easy assembly - you're able to sit right within 20 minutes which lets you start a healthy work routine the same day
  • Multi-adjustable seat height and armrests - you can get the perfect elbow L-shape and that means you never have to worry about muscle strains and arm fatigue

Smart Features

This chair is perhaps the best solution for chronic back pain I’ve seen. Not only does it provide relief, but it also helps correct poor posture to prevent the pain from resurfacing!

Correcting your posture is the best way to counteract stubborn back pain because good posture is the foundation of your wellbeing. Ergoal’s chair design provides state-of-the-art lumbar support and restores your spine’s natural S shape. This relieves pressure and stress caused by generic office chairs.

It also has a fully adjustable headrest to correct, relieve, and prevent neck pain. It also reclines up to 117 degrees so you’re sure to find just the right angle every single day.

It also reclines up to 117 degrees so you’re sure to find just the right angle every single day.

I 100% recommend this chair to my clients because I’ve seen its results. Ergoal starts correcting your posture as soon as you take a seat. So even when you’re focused on work, you’re doing your health a favor. This means you can finally go back to what matters most to you without the guilt of compromising your wellbeing.

It’s time to take back control and start your journey towards a painless future. Visit and get free shipping on your order.

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This is why Ergoal is a better choice


S-Shape Posture


  •   Supports spine’s natural “S” curve
  •   With premium breathable mesh
  •   Self-adjusting lumbar support
  •  Relieves pain and prevents posture-induced injuries
  •  Stops your shoulders from slumping forward while you sit
  •  Designed to work with, not against, the musculoskeletal system and keep your upper body in a balanced position


C-Shape Posture


  • High level of pressure on the lumbar discs
  • Straining and stiffening of the shoulders and neck
  • Pressure on internal organs (affecting circulation, breathing, and digestion
  • Over-stretching the ligaments and muscles supporting the spine
  • Unstable position as there is minimal weight bearing on the legs

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